Average article processing time (30 - 45 days)
Less than 5 volumes 30 days
8 - 9 volumes 40 days
10 and more volumes 45 days

Average acceptance to publication time (5 - 7 days)


Clinical Journals aims to serve its readers as the most credible, authoritative resource of research on medical practice to the scientific community. Clinical fields Journals widely encourage quality standards of medical care through its original research publications on current medical issues in the health care sector.

Clinical field covers diseases and disorders, clinical and diagnosis issues, along with their surgical and medical management. Clinical filed mainly focus on the scientific challenges that the researchers, doctors, research students, scientists, and the other medical practitioners confront with respect to clinical practices and clinical research.

Journals on Clinical Sciences deal with clinical aspects in the fields of cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, nephrology, pulmonary medicine, pathology, toxicology, forensic science, anesthesia, immunology and cellular immunology, clinical microbiology, stem cell research, cell science, chemotherapy, and ethical issues related to various aspects of clinical research.

SciTechnol Journals were found with an objective of excellence in scientific research and education by publishing literature in Lifesciences discipline. SciTechnol currently publishes wide range of papers over 60 online Journal titles with Hybrid Open Access mode.


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